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Silicone Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleanser Glove

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Silicone Cosmetics Cleanser.Makeup Brush Cleaner Glove. Cleaning Tool Gloves, Reshaping makeup brush cleaner board

Item Type: Makeup Brush
Brush Material: Silicone
Size: 27 * 19 cm
Handle Material: Plastic
Used With: Powder
Quantity: 1
Material: Silicone
Type: makeup brush cleaner board

Make your brush cleaning easier
1. Wet your brush;
2. Put some soap on your brush cleaning glove;
3. Wash the makeup brush against the brush cleaning glove in circular motion;
4. Rinse with clean water;
5. Repeat Step 2 to Step 4 if necessary;
6. Reshape the brush hairs with your skillful fingers in the glove;
6. Lay brushes flat to dry.