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Pet Dog Cat Slow Down Feeding Anti Choke Anti Slip Silicone Bowls

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  • KEEP YOUR PETS HEALTHY: Slow feeder dog bowl promotes healthy eating, adjust pet weight, prolonging meal time prevent indigestion. With Fun Feeders, pets eat a healthier and more balanced meal.
  • SLOW EATING: Reasonable distance between ridge and valley can effectively delay the pet eating speed. The smooth design of the mouth, to avoid the pet mouth and tongue from being scratched.
  • NON-SLIP OFF: Slow feeder bowl base widened to prevent being knocked over by pets, The bottom is anti-skid, do not worry about pets to get food everywhere.
  • SAFE AND DURABLE: This slow feeder is made of food-safe ABS materials, natural environmental protection, safe and non-toxic, easy to clean, one structure is more durable.


Product material: 100% food grade environmentally friendly silicone material

Material: Silicone

Size: 24*18*3CM  (Length 9.5 inch * width 7 inch * height 1.1 inch)

Product weight: 135g

Heat-resistant temperature: -40 degrees to +240 degrees

Product Use: Suitable for cats, dogs, and other pet feedings

Silicone material, anti-skid, anti-broken, stain resistant, easy to clean

Refused to obesity, provide a healthy diet, designed to slow rapid eating

Promote regular digestion and prevent bloating and discomfort

With this, your pet will learn to eat slower

1. To the dog to eat, as long as guaranteed to eat, can’t let it eat too much.
2. Dog after dinner, immediately wash the dog bowl to avoid lead to ants, mosquitoes, flies and other insects. But also to deal with the dog did not eat the food, it is best not to give the dog to eat the rest of the food, especially in the food easily deteriorated summer.
3. Just after dinner, do not immediately go out with the dog to do sports, let it rest at home for half an hour, other food digestion is almost, and then take it out.
4. In the dog next to the bowl, will always put a bowl of water, when the dog eats salty or dry mouth, to ensure that they can always find water to drink.

1. Source of the design of nature, imitating the wild dogs foraging process environment, every meal will turn into a dog healthy and happy games.
2. Significantly reduce the speed of eating. Prevent obesity, dramatically reducing the incidence of cardiovascular disease and flatulence and other gastrointestinal diseases. At the same time, each happy foraging bowls designed a maze of different game mechanics.
3. Slower feeding improves digestion & helps prevent bloat, so fill up on fun while keeping your pup healthy & happy.

Warning: This is not a chew toy, if the bowl becomes damaged, discard immediately, don’t microwave


Ideal for your pet

Provide a healthy diet

Promote regular digestion

Prevent bloating and discomfort

Packing List:
1 x Pet Slow Food Bowl